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A Special Message to our Attendees

There are numerous views of what a hero is, Christopher Reeve said, “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” While I believe this to be true, I also think it leaves out, that as ordinary individuals our simplest actions and words can have a profound effect on someone else’s day or life.  The hair stylist that gives us confidence at an interview, the nurse that tries to comfort you, or the auto mechanic who gets your car fixed before a big trip.  It is the individual who can help us endure and inspire us to be better that I feel is a true everyday hero.

As educators, your job, your responsibility, is to teach and mentor students as they prepare themselves to take their place in society.  Every day in your classroom is a chance to be a hero.  To inspire a student, to help them grow, to lead by example through your interactions.  Career and Technical Education teachers have the benefit of being able to demonstrate and educate on workplace skills, best practices, and strategies beyond the knowledge of a textbook.

I believe that anyone can be a hero if they choose to.  As you step into your classrooms day after day I hope that you will all continue to shine and inspire.  Let your inner heroes out so that your students can experience, learn, and grow beyond the textbook and the lesson.  Inspire them to continue to endure, grow and succeed through the challenges and obstacles we face in life.  As your students progress through life, it is your teachings that give them the foundation to succeed, and the experiences gained will in turn help them to endure and inspire others. 

Continue to do what you do, continue to educate and mentor, continue to endure and inspire, continue to help your students thrive.  It is your passion and hard work that will push your students into the next generation of skilled workers, dreamers, and creators.  Sometimes it’s the everyday hero that can make all the difference, so forge all the heroes you can.