• 45th Annual Arizona Career and Technical Education Summer Conference - July 17-22, 2020

Registration is Open


You’re Invited

The Association for Career and Technical Education of Arizona and the Arizona Department of Education would like to invite you to attend our 45th annual summer conference. Many things have changed in the last 45 years. The workplace has been transformed and continues to change by technological and social developments. Even with all these changes, the need for a skilled workforce and need for positive teacher/student relationships remains constant . This is where the value of Career and Technical Education prevails.

Advances in social, economic, and technological standards bring many benefits, they also brings challenges. Cell phones and social media fill our student’s lives. Students are inundated with digital media nearly 24/7. It is important for teachers to help students find the balance between technology and a healthy social life.

Our CTE programs are designed to meet the needs of today’s employers, and also the ability to adjust for future challenges. Business and industry partnerships provide opportunities for internships and employment. Certification testing, CTSOs and tireless hours by dedicated teachers help provide the ideal conditions for our students to gain the necessary skills to succeed in the workplace.

As CTE Educators, you provide not only knowledge, but also practical and hands-on skill development opportunities. To meet the needs of employers, we not only need students to develop technical skills, but professional skills as well. It is through your efforts and mentorship that students will succeed and continue to grow as tomorrow’s skilled workforce.

This year’s theme, CTE: Beyond the Classroom, was chosen because the work you do reaches far beyond the walls of the classrooms. Students not only need your expertise in the content you teach but they need your support and encouragement as they try to navigate the complexities of the world we live in. We hope this year’s conference meets the needs of enhancing your technical skills but also allows you to look beyond your walls to help our students succeed. We look forward to seeing you there!