Call for Presentations is Closed

The Association for Career and Technical Education and the Arizona Department of Education is excited to host the “Maintaining Balance and Moving Forward” virtual Summer Conference. The conference is July 19-22, 2021. This conference is open to Administrators, Counselors, Teachers, and Industry. We hope to provide professional development that will help us to connect with our CTE Community, our Peers and Program Areas to develop not only our professional skills, but as an opportunity to stop, breathe and enjoy visiting with your CTE family.

We believe most people have become teachers because they want to help students create a better future. The better a student does, the brighter a future that we all can share. They also can take great joy in the success of their students. The last year has been a struggle for many teachers. Not just professionally in the classroom, but in their personal lives as well. We hope our conference can remind them that they need to ‘maintain their balance’ and continue ‘moving forward’ by finding the joy in their lives beyond all responsibilities and duties and rediscovering the passion they feel as teachers.

We are seeking presenters for the 2021 Arizona CTE Summer Conference, who are excited to share their knowledge with their peers.

Important: Please refrain from submitting a session proposal that is geared towards product promotion. Sessions should remain educational in nature while product sales are to remain in vendor areas.

Here are some examples of topics for this year’s conference:

  • Employers, Schools and Educator Partnerships for Extraordinary Student Success
  • Extraordinary Leadership Skills for CTE and Educational Leaders in your Districts and Schools
  • Student Assessment
  • Engaging Instruction
  • Facilities, Equipment, Technology and Materials
  • Career and Technical Student Organizations Best Practices
  • Work-Based Learning and the Future of the Workforce
  • Standards-aligned and integrated curriculum
  • Best Practices in Connecting Students with Industry Licensure and Certifications
  • Equity, Diversity and Cultural Influences in Teaching
  • Growing CTE Ambassadors, including Advocacy Training and the Latest Effectiveness in Data & Research
  • Share the Latest Knowledge of our Partners-Exhibitors’ Presentations
  • The Many Hats, Impact and Talents of School Counselors
  • Speed Networking CTE Programs and Sharing with Colleagues
  • Recruitment and Retention of Special Populations
  • Developing Leadership Skills for CTE and Educational Leaders
  • How to Build Future CTE Leaders from Within the Ranks of Your District
  • Developing and Sustaining Effective Post-Secondary Partnerships (Dual Enrollment, Shared Advisory Councils, etc.)

Please only submit if you can present at any time during the conference. ONLY SUBMIT A PROPOSAL FOR YOURSELF.

Video is not required date of submission but will be due by May 28, 2021.

Presenters should be available for the actual conference days July 19-22 and during the time of their session, so that at the end of their pre-recorded video presenters can do a question and answer which is thru the app Chat session with the attendees. We encourage presenter to check in on their sessions during the 4 weeks after the active conference dates to answer any questions in the session chat.

Length of Presentation:

The Proposal presentations are a 30-minute video (mp4 or YouTube Link) with a 15-minute question and answer after the recording which is thru the app Chat. Sessions will be available for 4 weeks after the conference.


Please do not use acronyms, initials or CAPS in your name, affiliation, address, title, or description. ACTEAZ/ADE reserves the right to edit presentation titles and descriptions for length and content. Do not submit a proposal for someone else.

By submitting a Call for Presentations, you grant permission for the use of your name, voice and/or likeness related to your participation in any event affiliated with the ACTE 2021 Summer Conference. You waive all rights to any compensation and to approve the images, audio and/or printed and electronic material in which they are used, and you release the Association Career Technical Education of Arizona (ACTEAZ), Arizona Department of Education (ADE), ACTEAZ Affiliates, and its employees, consultants and agents from any claims, damages, or liability.

Thank you for submitting! If you have any questions, please contact Shelly York at [email protected]